Thursday, January 05, 2006

Raising Market Share: Who spearheads the effort? Who can help?

The Raising Market Share for Jazz Initiative is led by a core group of individuals and organizations committed to increasing exposure and funding for Jazz music. The primary voice behind this blog comes from MCG Jazz. MCG Jazz and Jazz Alliance International are the 2 driving forces behind the organization and planning efforts for Jazz at Wingspread. We receive help and guidance from many other sources, including other jazz organizations, independent consultants, and jazz loyalists.

We hope that through communicating our efforts via the web and other media we can actively solicit your input. We're looking for your suggestions, thoughts, and even critique as we move forward with this effort, please see our previous posts regarding what we've done so far, and where we're headed. We're also hoping you'll lend us a hand through shared resources, promotional partnerships, and other support.

Get involved in this effort.
Email us at raisingmktshare4jazz [AT]
Post frequently to this blog site, share your talents, resources, thoughts...we welcome your input and your involvement in this exciting project!


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