Wednesday, January 04, 2006

An Update on Jazz at Wingspread 2005 - what next?

At the 2005 Raising Market Share for Jazz Conference, there was overwhelming agreement to move forward with three programs on behalf of the industry, specifically:

* to create an umbrella branding identity for the jazz industry , repositioning the music in a way to invite new audiences

* to develop a national jazz sponsorship platform as a vehicle to aggregate audiences from various organizations into a year-round national package for sponsors, building the jazz brand through partnering with like-minded national sponsors.

* to build a low-cost grassroots network of students, musicians, and jazz loyalists to help generate interest in jazz through their online, college, and local communities

In the first half of 2006, the group plans to test brand statements and campaigns in specific markets, and to move forward in expanding the "gotjazz" branding campaign through website development at

There is also significant progress in bringing to market a national concert package to invite larger national sponsors to support jazz music.

What are your ideas on moving the music forward? Do you have resources that may help in raising the market share for jazz? Post to our blog or email us at raisingmktshare4jazz [ AT ]


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